Greetings from JCCII President

May 2019

I am honored to be appointed for the President of JCCII in the fiscal year of 2019.It has been one month since the fiscal year of 2019 started. I believe we all are feeling the fresh breeze of the new Japanese era “Reiwa” with the hope for new age and blessing for new era.
This is my second assignment in India after 7 years. Last time when I worked here between 2007 –2012, I was given the opportunity to understand many differences between India and the other countries, and to be taught by many Indian people about what is uniqueness of Indian business and many aspects of similarity with our culture as well. It is my great pleasure to return and have the opportunity to challenge once again in this country with my personal attachments. I would like to put my best effort and work together with the members of JCCII, Embassy of Japan and Japanese government officials to make an advance in this fast-growing Indian market and contribute to Japan-India relationship.

Many hopes on the recent positive changes in Indian Market

It is said that by 2028, India will be the world’s third largest economy overtaking Japan’s GDP. In fact, India had GDP of 7% plus growth last year. Its annual new car sales number is more than 4 million which has reached currently to world’s 4th largest number above Germany. India’s crude steel production exceeded 100 million tons and replaced Japan as second largest steel producer.
The road to an industrial park that used to take me 3.5 hours in 2012 has been improved dramatically and now it takes only 1.5 hours. Some data shows that India adds 25km of a road in a day I feel that this is happening in reality. Taking automobile industry for an instance, it is not only growing in production/sales number, but India has also adopted new trend in IT and digital technologies into the industry and sharing economy such as Uber and Ola has gained popularity. The old and new business models are both developing in parallel. I am amazed by the deep generosity of Indian socio-economy and believe these optimistic changes reflect and spread through various layers of Indian socio-economy.

Overcoming difficulties in Indian economy

In fast-growing Indian economy, the ease of doing business has improved as well. India’s ease of doing business ranking in the world has jumped from 132rd in 2012 to 77th in 2018. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges that Japanese companies have been facing such as complicated tax system, restrictions, and poor infrastructure. I believe there is a plenty of room for improvement that we have to work hard for all Japanese companies’ future here.
As a president of JCCII, with the support of Embassy of Japan, I will continue to propose and discuss with Indian government by submitting “JCCII Suggestion Papers” and promoting dialogue. I would greatly appreciate each of your positive participation.

Deepening Japan – India relationship Further

Japan – India relationship has also been quite vibrant. The number of Indian visitors in Japan has increased from 70,000 in 2012 to 100,000 in 2015, then 150,000 in 2018. The distance between Japan and India is certainly becoming closer as the direct flight plan between Chennai/Bangalore and Tokyo is on the way, one within this November and the other in Next January. In addition to the language and traditional arts exchange between the two countries, I am hopeful in the new generations taking the lead in cultural exchange such as Bollywood films recently being introduced to the cinemas in Japan.
Based on our efforts to work hard together to deepen the trust between Japan and India, we would like to continuously put our efforts and try our best for the bright future and success for all Japanese companies in India with the unified endeavor of all member of JCCII continuously.

Thank you very much!

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India