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Since 2006, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII) has worked as a pivotal organization working towards the welfare of Japanese companies in India. Having started with around 100 member companies in 2006, today the organization has grown to a membership more than 490 companies mostly in and around Delhi NCR.


Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, established on 17th July 2006. JCCII’s membership is open to, in principle, Japanese companies and Japanese government institutions in India. As of companies/institutions are the members of JCCII. The Members are mainly located in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Aims & Objects of JCCII

1. To undertake, encourage, facilitate and promote the development of trade industry and commerce between India and Japan in general without any element of profit.
2. To facilitate economic cooperation and strengthen the relationship between India and Japan.
3. To establish and exchange social relationship among Members.
4. To promote education of young Japanese.
5. To promote mutual interest between Members.
6. To invite whenever desired intellectuals, industrialist, scholars,creative artists etc., to address the
seminars/conferences conducted by the Society.
7. To collect and discuss among its Members information pertaining to environment protection and conservation or any other matters related there to.

Greetings from JCCII President

April 2022

Hello everyone!! My name is Susumu WAKAMORI, I am appointed as President of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII) in FY2022. I have just arrived in India to assume my new position this spring and am taking on a very heavy responsibility, and I am literally sobering.

I, myself have only had a limited involvement in business with India, including business trips, but with India’s presence in international politics and the world economy increasing year by year, I have been given the opportunity to be at the forefront of business in India this year and I am determined to fulfil this great responsibility to the best of my ability, while receiving guidance and encouragement from you all.

I would like to say a few words about the Indian economy. India has the world’s second largest population, a huge middle class and a high rate of economic growth. Although in FY2020 there was a significant drop (▼ 6.6%) in India’s GDP due to the impact of the spread of the new corona infection, in FY2021 there was a V-shaped recovery (▲8.95%). Although after third wave of infection spread in January of this year, there was basically a trend towards the relaxation or elimination of behavioral restrictions in each state, and we feel that business activities have returned near to normal situation. In FY2022, although attention should continue to be paid to the possibility of a re-expansion of the disease, economic growth can be expected due to rebound from the drop in demand caused by the previous action restrictions and the effects of various promotional measures, such as the PLI (Production linked Incentive) Scheme promoted by the Government of India. …More GREETINGS FROM MR. SUSUMU WAKAMORI, JCCII PRESIDENT FOR FY 2022-23


Activities of JCCII

– Governing Body Meeting : usually once a month at JCCII office
Monthly Meeting (Sanmoku-kai) (LINK): Study program inviting “Speaker”, usually once a month at the ambassador’s official residence in the Embassy of Japan.
– General Body Meeting: once a financial year
Activities of Groups, Divisions, Sub-Divisions, Committee, Sub-Committee(LINK):Industry-specific committees and subcommittees, as well as cross-industry committees and subcommittees to exchange industry-specific information and resolve pressing issues.
– Exchange information of common interest on India Politics, Economics, Security & etc.
– Share information with governing and non-governing institutions in Japan, India and other countries
– Coordinate with Embassy of Japan and Japanese Association Delhi in communicating important information to the members
– Take up the commercial issues which members face and coordinate to find the solutions through discussions with relevant Indian Governmental offices if necessary.

About Proposals (former Suggestions)

Proposals from JCCII (former Suggestions for Government of India) have been submitted by Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII) to Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India since 2009. Japanese companies wish to be part of development of India and seek India’s guidance and support in order to resolve the issues that Japanese companies are facing, such as taxation, visa issues, infrastructure, land acquisition, logistics, and finance. JCCII sincerely hope that the Proposals and the subsequent interactions with the Indian authorities would contribute to the solution of individual issues.

-Latest Proposals  
2022 Business Environment Enhancement Proposals – first part (PDF)
2022 Business Environment Enhancement Proposals – List of proposals from each Division and Sub-Division (PDF)

-Past Proposals
Visit here (LINK)


What is JETRO?

Investing in Japan

JICA SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab – Tsunagaru Lab –

JICA India has launched the “SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab – Tsunagaru Lab – (LINK)” as a place to connect Japanese companies that have the following needs with Social Enterprises in India.

  • Looking for promising start-ups with unique technology, products and services.
  • Looking for a local partner to deliver goods and services to the last one mile in India.
  • Looking for local partners to collect data and conduct research for R&D and Marketing purposes.
  • Looking for reliable local partner with a proven track record in relation to CSR activities in India.
  • Looking for information on the activities of social enterprises in India and good cases of new initiatives.

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Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII)
Address:R-7B, Third Floor, Green Park Main Market, New Delhi – 110 016 (*shifted on 10th June 2020)