Greetings from JCCII President

April 2020

It is my great honour to be appointed as the President of JCCII for the fiscal year 2020 (from April 2020 till March 2021).

My name is Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (Mr.), Chairman and Managing Director of ITOCHU India Pvt Ltd.

Three years have passed since I arrived here in April 2017 and this fiscal year is my fourth year of the assignment. I remember when I first arrived here in 2017, I once again recognized the great business potential in the vitality of India which has continued remarkable economic growth lead by strong leadership of Prime Minister Modi, by continuous efforts for strengthening the relationship of India and Japan made by Japanese Embassy or other Japanese political leaders and by continuous effort for development of business made by many Japanese companies entered into India, which all made me renewed my desire to contribute as much as possible as a part.

In the long term, there is no doubt India would continue show a substantial economic growth in the future with full of dynamism supported by, unlike Japan, vast younger populations. However at present to the short term, whole India as well as Japanese companies doing business in India are experiencing very difficult time due to the slowdown of the economic growth since last year which is currently further depressed by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic which gives a huge restriction to social and economic activities.

The most important objective of JCCII at the beginning of the fiscal year is, needless to say, to protect health and safety until Covid-19 turmoil comes to an end, and restarting and stabilization of business activities of all members in the speedy manner.

JCCII would try its best to make utmost support, cooperation including collection/sharing of available information based on requirement of the members by making collaboration with each companies, Japanese Embassy as well as related authorities of Indian government in efficient manner.

It is also assumed that almost all Japanese companies who do business in India have been negatively affected both operationally and financially by Covid-19, JCCII would be happy if it could give any help as much as possible by asking Indian Government to make necessary measures, for example, by utlizing the platform of “JCCII Suggestion Papers (Kengi-Sho) Activity”.

On the other hands, in the mid to long term point of view, JCCII would work on strengthening its structure and expertise, and also enhancing its functions and activities to respond to the increasing number of Japanese companies entering India which would also increase members of JCCII with wider variation of business activities. For Strengthening the structure and expertise,

it will be continuation of the initiative which has been already commenced since previous fiscal year to improve JCCII’s manpower formation, infrastructure and other necessary resources to run the activities. For enhancing the function and activities, some part of committee members and also the structure of sub-committee have already been reviewed and reformed for this fiscal year which will commence practical activities from now on.

It will be my great pleasure if JCCII can deepen and expand the activity of Information exchange and fellowship among members, development of commerce and industry as well as enhancing friendship exchange between Japan and India, and promoting activities for common benefit of members, as its original purposes of establishing JCCII, through carrying out the above mentioned activities as the main focus of this fiscal year.

Last but not least, I intend to be fully committed to JCCII activities over the year for the purpose to further deepen the relationship and mutual trust between Japan and India, and also to further develop and expand the business of Japanese companies in India by collaborating together with all the members. Your active participation and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India