about MOnthly meeting
(The Third-Thursday Meet of JCCII members
-SAnmoku kai-)

  JCCII’s monthly meeting is held at the Ambassador’s official residence in the Embassy of Japan on the third Thursday of every month (February and August are usually closed). We accept the participation of one person from one JCCII member company at the venue (we have a hybrid system also therefore multiple people are able to participate in online meeting), and the number of participants at the venue is about fifty every month (Online participants are about one hundred fifty). Based on the information from the Embassy of Japan in India, JCCII, and the Japanese Association, New Delhi, seminars by speakers, greetings from newly appointed and leaving representatives of member companies etc., are taking place. This event can be used as a place for networking. Seminars/Lectures by speakers are held every month on various themes such as political affairs, taxation, labor affairs, culture, and life.