1. Purpose of committee activities

○We have realized the purpose of establishing the following three points through Divisions, Sub-Divisions and committees’ activities with the help of JCCII.

① Information exchanges and friendly interaction among members.
Development of commerce and industry between Japan and India and promotion of friendly exchange.
③Implementation of various activities that are common interest to members.

○We are considering corporation with Embassy of Japan in India to reflect and promote the Business Environment Enhancement Proposals etc, and Indian market in areas such as taxation, financial regulations, product regulations, environment-related matters, and intellectual property-related matters which can influence our members.

○We will act as an administrator for communication, information sharing, requests, etc. from the Embassy of Japan in India, various industry organizations in India, and Japanese government ministries, etc., to promptly share information with the subcommittee and committee members.

○If necessary, we will create a Sub-Division within a Division and a Sub-Committee within a committee.

2. Division Introduction

Orginization Chart

*Details of each organization are listed at the bottom.

Trading-Finance-Service Group

○trading Division
(CHAIRMAN : Mitsubishi Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr.Yoji TAGUCHI)
Companies that have trading companies and sales companies(distributors) that sells and provide services in the Indian market.

○Finance Division
(CHAIRMAN : Japan Bank for International Cooperation,  Mr.Toshihiko KURIHARA )
Companies that are selling and servicing financial, insurance, and leasing industries in the Indian market.

○Logistics Division
(CHAIRMAN : Nissin ABC Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Hirotsugu HORITA)
Companies that are related to transportation and logistics (Airlines, Shipping companies, Warehouse companies, Truck companies, Forwarding companies) in the Indian market.

Transport Machinery Group

○Transport Machinery division
(CHAIRMAN : Honda Cars India Ltd., Mr. Mr. Takuya TSUMURA)
Companies that have trading companies and sales companies(distributors) that sells and provide services in the Indian market.

There are Sub-Divisions as below.

・Vehicle Manufacturer Sub-Division (Leader : Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd., Mr.SATOSHI UCHIDA)
・Raw Material Supplier Sub-Division (Leader : Mitsui Kinzoku Components India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Masakazu SHIMADA)
・Parts Supplier Sub-Division (Leader : Hitachi Astemo Gurugram Powertrain Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Kazuyuki MEGURO)
・Electronic Parts Supplier Sub-Division (Leader : SWS India Management Support & Service Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Yuichi SHIMIZU)
・Plant Equipment, Machine, Tool Manufacturer Sub-Division (Leader : Daifuku India Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Toshio MINOSHIMA)
・Logistics, Other Service Company Sub-Division (Leader : None)

General Manufacturing Group

○material,Chemical industry Division
(CHAIRMAN : ISK Biosciences India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Tsuyoshi SATO)
Companies that manufactures, sells, and services materials and chemical industry-related products and merchandise in India.

Electrics & Electronic Machinery, Telecommunication and Software Division
(CHAIRMAN : NTT India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Yoso NAKASHIMA)
Companies that sell and service electrical, electronic equipment, telecommunication and software-related products/merchandise in the Indian market.

There are Sub-Divisions as below.

・Digital Camera Sub-Division (Leader : Sony India Pvt. Ltd. , Akihiro Nakashima)
・Printing Sub-Division (Leader: Canon India Pvt. Ltd. , Yukio TAKAHASHI)

○Social Infrastructure, Plant Heavy Industries, Construction and Steel Division
(CHAIRMAN : Nippon Steel India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Hiroshi EBINA)
Companies that sells, constructs, and services social infrastructure, plants heavy industry, construction, and steel-related products, materials, and systems.

There are Sub-Divisions as below.

・Steel Sub-Division (Leader : JFE Steel India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Keiichi KANEKI)
・Social Infrastructure, Plant Heavy Industries Sub-Division (Leader : Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Shuichi ITO)
・Construction Sub-Division (Leader : SMCC Construction India Ltd. , Mr. Toshiyuki SHIMIZU)

○japan medical device association in india
(CHAIRMAN : Terumo India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. SHISHIR AGARWAL)
Companies that sell, manufactures, and services medical equipment, healthcare equipment, and related products.

○food division
(CHAIRMAN : Beam Global Spirits & Wine India  Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. Takashi URAGAMI)
Companies that manufactures, imports, and sells foods, beverages, tobacco, and feed products, mainly to the Indian market.

3.committee introduction

○business environment enhancement committee)
(CHAIRMAN : Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd. , Mr.Mr. Masaharu OKUBO)
(SECRETARY JENERAL : Japan External Trade Organization , Mr. Takashi SUZUKI )

○Tax sub-committee

(CHAIRMAN : Fair Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Yuichi IWASE)
As a supporting organization for Business Environment Enhancement Committee, tax experts from the government and the private sector gather to work across industries to solve tax problems for Japanese companies in India.

○Intellectual Property Sub-Committee
(CHAIRMAN : Japan External Trade Organization , Mr. Hiroki WATANABE)
For the purpose of sorting out intellectual property-related issues that Japanese companies are facing in India, we perform an exchange of opinions and proposals with the Indian government to support Japanese companies as much as possible.

○Export Committee
(CHAIRMAN : Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt., Ltd. , Mr. Toshiharu TSURUMARU)
(SECRETARY JENERAL : Pasona India Pvt. Ltd. , Ms. Tomoko KAMATA)
This consists of general manufacturing, logistics, trading companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. that export from India (especially to Africa, which is said to be the last market).


We do not have regular meetings but we hold meetings as needed. We also arrange online communications and meetings actively. (This is based on the information provided by each committee and subcommittee.)


For inquiries about contents and activities, and requests for new subcommittees, please contact chairman or the secretariat office (email: jccii@jccii.in).